Add HTML Attributes to the Add People Box for Customization

Idea created by NU-Jonathan DIehl on Dec 8, 2017
    Open for Voting

    If the changes to Canvas’ Add People box early this year have caused your institution trouble, let your voice be heard!

    This Idea is about the Add People box and how to make it easier and more stable to customize after Instructure updated Add People in their February 2017 changes.



    Ever since the Add People box was updated back in Feb. 2017, we, and many other institutions, have had to continually maintain JavaScript customizations that are easily broken during Canvas updates. The customizations are necessary as the only way to add a Canvas user, at our institution, is through their institutional ID.


    The Add People box does not use custom classes that would make it easy to customize with custom JavaScript or CSS. Instead, we have had to use XPaths and multiple reruns of the code to hide or change text in the Add People box. Even Canvas’ listed “fix” on GitHub (now defunct) uses the above, less-than-ideal methods.


    Any slight update to the People page from Canvas can completely destroy the XPath customization. XPath customization do not work in IE, which several of our users use for accessibility purposes.


    This is an issue that affects many institutions, and we need your help. Instructure, PLEASE add classes to the elements of the Add People box or make it themeable in the Theme Editor.