Break out "Restricted Access" options in Files into two separate icons

Idea created by Steven Williams on Dec 13, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Paula Miranda
    • Rob Ditto
    • Steven Williams
    • wesley okumura

    As outlined in the Canvas docs (How do I restrict files and folders to students in Canvas?), in the current Canvas Files interface, "Restricted Access" is used to refer to two different settings:


    • Only available to students with link. Not visible in student files
    • Schedule student availability


    These two settings have some major differences, primarily since one never displays file names/links in the Files area and the other does. However, these two settings currently share a single icon for instructors in the Files tool. This is a different icon than the calendar icon displayed to students when they have access to content restricted by the "schedule student availability setting".


    For consistency with the student user experience, and to help instructors quickly know which setting is selected for a file/folder without mousing over the current "restricted access" icon, it would improve the instructor user experience to use the calendar icon when "schedule student availability" is selected, rather than a single icon for two different settings.