Grade Export show submission notes: Ungraded icon

Idea created by Chris Kauffman on Dec 14, 2017
    Open for Voting

    It would be useful for me to have an option to distinguish ungraded work from graded work in exported spreadsheets of the gradebook.  This is a feature in competitor products such as Blackboard and I was surprised when moving the Canvas that this does not exist (confirmed by a chat with a support agent).  The export option would simply place a special value such as "UNGRADED" in spreadsheet cells associated with student work that has been submitted but not yet graded. This differentiates it from students who have not done the assignment who have blanks in those cells.


    The feature should be very easy to implement as presently the Gradebook itself already displays information according to this scheme: no submission appears as a dash ( - ), submitted ungraded work appears as a "page", graded work is shown as a score.


    This is useful in cases where one wants to at least count the number of submissions in an external spreadsheet application or perform other operations such as assigning credit just for completion. Presently, this involves a LOT of typing for large classes, something Canvas is meant to alleviate.