Improve making Groups from Cross-Listed Sections

Idea created by Fritz Vandover on Dec 15, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Many of our instructors cross-list the different sections of their courses. They often want to each section to become a course Group so that each section can use Group features.


    I show them the guide for automatically assigning students to a group (How do I automatically assign students to groups? ) and the feature to Require group members to be in the same section and that the number of groups in the Group Set must match the number of sections.


    Then I tell them that, after they're created, the group names do not include any information about the cross-listed section. If they want to rename the Group to have cross-listed section info, they have to look at the People roster to see which section students are in, and then change the name of the Groups accordingly.


    This process is confusing for instructors. I would really like to see a feature in the Groups creation tool that would easily allow instructors to make a Group for each cross-listed section, and ideally it would include section info (HIST 1001 (002)) in the Group name.