Add a private "Instructor Notes" field to each Assignment

Idea created by Jim Fischer on Dec 15, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Catherine Tracy Stultz
    • Alice Enevoldsen
    • Harrison McCullough
    • John Willingham
    • Linnea Thompson
    • Deborah Bogard

    When creating/editing an assignment I would like there to be a separate HTML Editor field titled Instructor Notes (or similar) that allows me to create/store information about the assignment that is "for instructor use only" and not published/visible to the students—e.g.,

    • Notes to myself about how I would like to modify an assignment for an upcoming semester
    • Notes from myself to my teaching assistants (TA) where I identify priority/focus areas when grading the assignment
    • Training materials that I provide to my TAs and course tutors to help them understand and master an assignment prior to me giving the assignment to my students

    And so on.


    The instructor should be able to select which individuals or groups are permitted READ ONLY access or READ/MODIFY access to the otherwise private INSTRUCTOR NOTES field--e.g., specific TAs and tutors can be granted READ ONLY access; co-instructors can be granted READ/MODIFY access.