Treat Ungraded as Zero: Once Other Students Graded

Idea created by Robert Kelley on Dec 18, 2017
    • Robert Kelley

    Image Title: A young college girl with a backpackHow do I better help students have an accurate understanding of their class grade?


    If I turn on the 'Treat Ungraded as Zero' at the start of the semester (and have all assessments for the semester published), then students may think they are doing terrible in the course and drop...  


    If I do not turn on the 'Treat Ungraded as Zero,'  yet fall behind in recording a zero for non-submitted assessments (e.g., on quizzes graded by Canvas), then students may end up overly optimistic about their course performance. 


    Possible Solution

    My request is that the 'Treat Ungraded as Zero' option would apply to a particular student's calculated course grade only when:
    1) the assessment is past the due date,

    2) at least one other student has been graded for that assessment (by the instructor or Canvas), and
    3) the grade column is not currently being muted by the instructor.