Make it more obvious when content is unpublished

Idea created by Fred O'Loughlin on Dec 20, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I have noticed a large number of students contacting support simply because a lecturer has tried to share something with them that is still unpublished. It seems to me that it is quite an easy oversight for educators to simply forget to publish content.


    At the moment there is only a small green button on the right to show if the content is unpublished, there is also a thin green bar on the left specifically for quizzes and assignments (although for some reason, pages or modules do not have this bar). Both of these are very easy to miss.


    Making it more obvious if something is unpublished would be really useful and presumably not too difficult. Perhaps a combination of the following simple ideas could be automatically applied to unpublished content:

    1. A change in formatting - Bold/Italics/Underlined
    2. A different background - Block colour or a repeated tile with the words "Unpublished content" in grey
    3. A bigger icon
    4. A pop-up reminder when the content is clicked on - Such popups do already exist, for example when trying to change the content of a completed quiz.