Delayed Posting Announcements: Spreadsheet format to select posting dates

Idea created by Bruce Maule on Dec 26, 2017
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    • Edward Miller
    • Rob Ditto
    • Dea McFarland
    • Valarie Sleger

    This idea is an extension of the idea created by Edward Miller on Dec 18, 2017. However, this idea is different, so it needs a separate idea space.


    Every semester I send an announcement to my online classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Monday email is "your assignment for the week"; the Wednesday email is "additional info that will help you with the assignment" and the Friday email is a "summary of what we covered this week." By the end of the semester every online class will have 50+ emails.


    Canvas copies these 50+ plus emails into the following semester. That is good. But before the semester begins I must open every announcement and select a delayed posting date. This is bad. I have four different online classes, so I must open 200+ announcements and select the delayed posting date one at a time.


    It would be much better if Canvas would display all the announcements for a course in a spreadsheet and allow me to go down a column in the spreadsheet and set the delayed posting date in one step for all course announcements.