Curve Grade By Section

Idea created by Tina Steele on Dec 27, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto

    Hello Canvas Instructors!


    This semester I taught three different classes (sections) of web page design. I found that each class had a very different kind of personality. That affected how I interacted with my students in each section. So, I was contemplating curving the scores on their final exams based on each class period. However, I found that I was unable to do so in the way that I anticipated I would be able to in Canvas. I don't usually curve scores, but in this case, the final was quite challenging and I wanted to be fair to each individual class (i.e. section) of students.


    I think the option of curving a grade is a very nice ability to have, but if we could select individual selections and be able to see the median score for each section, and then curve the scores based on each section, if we so choose to, that would be a great addition.


    Thank you for your consideration of my idea!


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