Deduct X% for late work regardless of how late it is

Idea created by James Ashby on Dec 29, 2017
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    I was looking at the new gradebook features in beta around late work that address this idea: Deduct X% or X points per day for each day an assignment submission is late. Here are the release notes: Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-12-18) 


    It's great that teachers can deduct a certain percentage of points for each day that an assignment in late. But what if I wanted to deduct 50% for late work regardless of how late it was? I've used this policy in classes I've taught in the past, and now as an admin I think faculty would be interested in this feature.


    I don't see any way to achieve this policy right now with the new late work features. Related to this, the "Lowest possible grade" option is confusing to me. What that feature basically does is it won't deduct late points if the student's grade is lower than a certain percentage. I just don't see the point in having a policy like this. So students who earn a D aren't further penalized for turning it in late?


    What would make more sense to me would be a "Maximum possible deduction" feature, so that the student could only lose, say, 50% of their points because of lateness. That would seem more practical to me, and it would allow instructors to achieve the scenario I've described above: You could set the late penalty to be 50% per day, with a "maximum possible deduction" of 50%, and then that would mean that all late work would incur a 50% penalty regardless of how late it was. "Maximum possible deduction" just seems like a lot more useful and flexible setting than "Lowest possible grade." Thanks for reading!