More categories to account analytics: activity

Idea created by Johan Fridell on Jan 2, 2018
    Open for Voting



    As we have now been live with Canvas for half a year I am starting to see a need for more categories to be included in the "View Activity by Category" view under "Analytics".


    Both "Other" and "General" are huge posts and are making the data way to undetailed. We have 4.8M views abstracted as "General" which means that someone has visited Course Home Page, the course roster (People page), Course Settings, and the Syllabus. It would be good to be able to see the details on this in order to know what we might need to work more on together with our teachers. 


    I guess "Other" might prove more tricky but almost 10M views is a big number, so a more detailed description of where they have been would be great.


    Current view on our root account level:

    This is not acute but when these two unspecified bars hold almost 50% of our total views it is quite clear that more categories would make it much more useful.