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Idea created by Katarina Shields on Jan 5, 2018
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    • Katarina Shields

    I was running through my course information on canvas and looking over everything. I was able to take off courses from my calendar and my dashboard to organize it so it is only displaying the courses for my current semester or any that I still wish to view. My professors are great but they did not close the course out so the grades have remained to show whenever I wish to view all grades. I was thinking giving access to students to allow them to edit their courses down by what they wish to see for grades will help organize them more. Personally, I only wish to see only the grades for each semester but not the ones from the previous semester. Organization can be key to maintaining a great school year. Some may enjoy seeing everything at once but I check canvas regularly to see my grades for the current semester. Having all my courses jumbled together will make it more difficult to have easy access and simplified searches. Especially if this builds up over the years. 


    Having features to filter out what courses are seen through the calendar and dashboard are very useful having one like that for my grades will prove to help me, and hopefully, others, maintain organization in simplifying their use of canvas. 


    Hope my idea is worthwhile to the community and will help!


    Katarina Shields