Empty CSV Export Option

Idea created by Bahman Yaghoubi Vije on Jan 9, 2018
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    • Bahman Yaghoubi Vije
    • Bahman Yaghoubi Vije
    • Cliff Cunningham

    The Gradebook export button has two options. One for a CSV and the other for a previous CSV file.

    I suggest adding a third option called "Empty CSV" file which includes all the necessary columns, with related column headers, and and empty table body.

    Assume that I am a teacher of a class which has several hundreds of students. I have received a list of students grades from an optical scanning machine. The list is not necessarily matching with the list I get from Canvas. The order of the students might be different. Instead of finding students one by one manually and put their grades in the file, I prefer having the empty list where I can copy and paste my entire list. Obviously Canvas can match the students based on their unique identifier (Login ID or SIS ID).

    I am attaching an example of what I need to have.