Incorporate DocViewer with "File Upload Question" in Quizzes

Idea created by Jessica Marsh on Jan 10, 2018
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    I teach an online multimedia writing course that uses the Quizzes feature to set up timed writing assignments in order to prepare students for writing news stories on a deadline. The “File Upload Question” is used for student submissions so that an instructor can download each submitted document, open the document in Word, and leave annotated, detailed comments. After completing the annotated comments, the instructor then uploads the edited document for each student to the appropriate “summary comment” box and completes the rubric.


    Issues with this procedure:

    1. The process is time-consuming, as it adds additional steps to the grading process.
    2. The process increases the potential for errors: Instructors have mistakenly uploaded the wrong submission to a summary comment box; Students have mistakenly submitted a file type the instructor cannot open or edit, as the “File Upload Question” lacks the option to restrict the type of file submitted.
    3. The flow of reading, commenting, and completing the rubric is disrupted as instructors must frequently “flip”  between the Canvas rubric and the annotated document while completing the rubric.  
    4. Other question types that allow for text submission, such as “text” and “essay question,” are inefficient, as instructors cannot leave detailed, annotated comments, which is an important tool when helping students improve their writing.



    1. Incorporate DocViewer with the “File Upload Question” or create a question type that allows for the use of DocViewer.   


    Benefits of Incorporating DocViewer into "File Upload Question":

    1. The grading process will be less time-consuming for instructors and potential for student and instructor errors will be reduced. 
    2. Instructors will not have to go outside of Canvas to provide annotated comments, which will increase the flow and transition between reading, commenting, and assessing student work. 
    3. In a writing course, the ability to leave detailed, annotated comments on students' writing is an important tool in helping students improve their writing skills. Incorporating DocViewer into the "File Upload Question" allows students to more easily access instructor feedback as they will not have to download the edited document to view feedback.