Multiple Graders in Speedgrader - Visual Cues/Warnings

Idea created by UW Learning Technologies on Jan 10, 2018
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    Problem: Currently, Speedgrader is designed for one instructor role to grade submissions at a time. This has led to situations in Speedgrader where work has not been saved or has been edited without notification.


    While this limitation is documented in the official Canvas documentation (See - How do I use SpeedGrader?), we were wondering whether Instructure could add a visual cue or warning to instructors using SpeedGrader if multiple people are grading a single assignment or if two people are grading the same assignment. While some institutions such as Stanford (See - Canvas Limitations: Language Center Canvas Resources) has added a warning to the browser versions of Canvas, they were unable to add an warning to the Speedgrader iOS or Android app due to technical limitations.


    Why is this needed? Instructors at institutions, especially first time users who are teaching large classes, may not be aware of these limitation or did not read the documentation pertaining to this issue. Additionally, TA's may not be aware of this issue without prior training. Displaying a warning to Speedgrader users notifies instructors about this limitation and allows instructors to work around this issue. This is pertinent especially to instructors using the Speedgrader apps on iOS and Android. 


    Idea: Have Speedgrader display a warning that will appear for instructors if two instructors are grading an assignment at the same time that their content may be edited over or changed. A general warning that appears in Speedgrader may work as well, but we are not sure of Instructure's guidelines for displaying information within their product.


    This can either be through a banner (as is currently being done for IE 10 users) or through the Speedgrader interface. While the web version can be amended by institutions to warn instructors of this limitation, warnings for this limitation via the mobile apps will need to be added by Instructure itself.


    Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions by commenting.