Rubric search in SpeedGrader

Idea created by Emily Coggeshall on Jan 11, 2018
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    The feature to select rubrics for assignments has to be done in each individual assignment page. It might be more streamlined to have that feature available in the SpeedGrader, where the instructor can quickly select the rubric they want to use while they're grading an assignment. It would be quicker and easier than editing each assignment to use a rubric.
    Of course if an instructor has a different rubric for assignments this won't be an issue; it's more useful for those who have multiple assignment that use the same grading scale. Otherwise it will be a very time consuming attempt to select a rubric in each individual assignment.
    i.e. Weekly discussion posts that are all based on the same criteria. A semester is average 15 weeks, so that is 15 discussion posts that need to be edited to select a rubric for grading.
    Create the rubric, and in the SpeedGrader, just select from existing rubrics and grade as you go. No need to edit each discussion post.