Include a warning message in the Attendance tool that it will not do a cumulative grade for all sections

Idea created by Paula Miranda on Jan 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Paula Miranda
    • Steven Williams
    • Jeffrey Brady

    There has been a known issue in the Attendance/Roll Call tool where the grade that is displayed in the gradebook will flip-flop if attendance is being taken for multiple sections. That is, if you take attendance for students in LEC right now, then the grade that will display in the gradebook will be just the grade for the LEC section. If another instructor takes attendance in DIS two hours from now, then the DIS attendance grade will display in the gradebook. This has been confirmed by Canvas support agents, and no fix has ever been attempted to make it so that the attendance grade is cumulative, rendering the tool useless for taking attendance for multiple sections, even though instructors can select section rosters and take attendance in them.


    While we do our best to proactively communicate to our faculty *not* to use this tool if they want to take attendance for multiple sections, someone will still end up doing so, which causes very labor-intensive, time-consuming workarounds to try and fix the attendance grades at the end of the semester.


    To help instructors not get into trouble in the first place, I would like to ask that a simple warning message be added to the tool, example: