Title Sections by their Section ID not just Course ID

Idea created by David Bastedo on Jan 13, 2018
    • David Bastedo
    • Rob Ditto

    Gathering sections of a course into one parent course makes life so much easier for the instructor when editing and updating content, but in some ways creates more work or discomfort for the student.  For the instructor teaching 2 identical sections meeting on different days, but having one class to update is very very helpful.  Assignments can be assigned to separate sections.  All well and good.  But, for the student, Canvas becomes confusing when the title of their section, shown in Canvas course menu, every time they log in, is different from the actual section of the course that they have enrolled in. There must be a way to program Canvas to show the student, in the course menu, the Section title that they are actually attending and getting credit for rather than the Parent course under which all sections are gathered.  It has to be a nagging bit of discomfort seeing the wrong section number whenever they log into Canvas.  With all the bureaucracy today, the verbal assurance that things will be fine, when the visual realities say otherwise, is disconcerting.  Students don't need any extra discomfort when already attending a challenging college course.