Add ability to see separate sections in the Calendar and to assign them individual colors

Idea created by David Bastedo on Jan 13, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • David Bastedo
    • Rob Ditto
    • Eric Werth
    • Gideon Williams
    • Philip Springer

    If I have four separate courses in Canvas each of them can be assigned a different color in the calendar.  This make the calendar so useful and easy to navigate for the instructor and the student.  If four sections of a course (4 separate classes) are combined into one course, only one course shows in the calendar.  The course key for the calendar should show all sections, not just the courses that sections are assigned to.  Also, since the sections don't show separately, all the assignments for sections cannot be visually distinguished.  The separate section assignments show on the calendar, but they all have one color even though they are separate.  There is no way to visually distinguish the sections assignments.  Only one color is assigned to all four courses just because they are joined as separate sections into one course.  I am teaching four courses even though they are combined into one course with sections.  This make it easy for me to edit my canvas classes (sections).  In prior semesters when I had the four sections listed as separate courses, I had to create the same edits four times every time I wanted to change something.  Sections are so helpful for me.  But, It would be so helpful to see all the sections listed next to the calendar and to assign them separate colors as if they were separate courses (which in reality they are!).  Make my instructional life easier, Please.  You have already done so much, and we all appreciate it.  This would really help complete the usefulness of the sections concept in Canvas.