Let STUDENTS choose their own course card images

Idea created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I think everybody here knows that I am a huge fan of course cards (and I was very active in the discussion/movement to get rid of the required color overlay that was really holding us back in making good use of course cards)... and just today one of my students made the very obvious point that students should be able to choose their own course cards, just as they can choose their own nicknames and color codes on the dashboard right now. He wrote about it in a blog post, so I am pasting in his comments here. 




    Saturday, January 13, 2018
    I am a huge fan of Canvas. We used it in high school for grade tracking and things like that, but now that every class I'm in uses it for nearly everything I've realized just how useful it is!

    I'm a settings nerd, so whenever I get a new account on something the first thing I do is dive right into the settings menu and tweak everything!

    I really like the Canvas dashboard, and enjoy using it to keep everything well managed and tidy. There are a couple issues I have with it though. For example, in the Canvas Dashboard Tech Tip post, Laura suggests turning off color overlay in order to see the course images! I think this is a great idea if everybody uses images, but, in my experience, I'm lucky if I have one class a year that uses them. What I would really like would be to be able to make my own course images, that way I can decide how I want each class to look.

    I love my colorful interface, and I really enjoy being able to change the colors to suit my strange specificities. For instance, in my mind, Math is always blue, science is always green, and humanities are always orange. I appreciate being able to maintain this color scheme every semester to make everything easier to keep track of!


    screenshot of Canvas Dashboard