Adjust Ungraded surveys in public courses

Idea created by Johan Fridell on Jan 17, 2018
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    • Johan Fridell
    • Rob Ditto
    1. I would like to see an improvement on how Surveys are work because it is currently not consistent when certain options apply. This problem came to my attention when a teacher wanted students to select certain options within his 100+ students course and he decided to use a survey in Canvas to harvest their choices.


    When an ungraded survey is published in a public course and is assigned to a section in that course, it is labeled with “Anonymous: No” on the settings page (see attached screenshot).

    But regardless of that setting, anyone can post submissions to the survey despite not belonging to the section in question.


    So it would be a good improvement to “blank out” the possibility to assign ungraded surveys in public courses since this leads to confusion.


    The solution would have been to make the survey “graded”, but since the settings page indicated that only known users could post, the teacher could not know that a lot of his students would answer the survey without being logged in and hence their answers could not be used.


    I reported this problem to support but I was told to post it here as a feature suggestions though I do see this as a bug where Canvas is not acting in a predictable way and where the information presented to the users in fact is incorrect/misleading.