Content Selector Images Alt Text Field for Images Already Existing in Course Files

Idea created by Champion on Jan 17, 2018
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    In the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-01-06), Instructure introduced the ability to add descriptive "alt" text for images uploaded to a pages of content (Pages, Assignments, Discussion topics, etc.) via the Content Selector on the right hand side of the screen.  (Refer to this section of the Production Release Notes for additional information).  While this is a great addition to the Content Selector for when people want to add a brand new image that doesn't yet exist in course "Files" to a page of content, I feel this new feature is not fully developed when you want to add an image that already exists in course "Files".  In today's Beta Release Notes (2018-01-15) Collaborative Chat, there was support for this kind of Feature Idea.



    1. Create a new page.
    2. Click on the "Images" tab in the Content Selector on the right side of the screen.
    3. Choose an image from list of images that you've already uploaded via course "Files".  No option for "Alternative text" is available.  However, if you instead click on "+ Upload a new image", you are prompted to select an image from your computer, and then you are able to add "Alternative text".


    Why this is needed:

    1. Since the "Alternative text" box is not available for existing images via the Content Selector, people would need to edit the HTML code...something that not everyone is comfortable with.
    2. When adding an image in this way, the Canvas Accessibility Checker does not detect there is anything wrong with the page because the "alt" text for an inserted image is the image file name and not descriptive text that describes the image.
    3. If you are re-using an image on more than one page of content in your course, it doesn't make sense to use the "+ Upload a new image" button each time you want to upload a new instance of said image.  Each new instance of the image file name gets a number (and a new File ID) put behind it, and it begins to clutter up course "Files":
      • Original file: Owl.jpg
      • Second instance of file: Owl-1.jpg
      • Third instance of file: Owl-2.jpg


    It is possible to add "alt' descriptive text if you use the "Embed Image" button in the RCE when editing a page, but you must first click on the "Canvas" tab then the "Course files" folder, and find your image that way.  The "Alt text" box exists on this screen, so why not include it in the Content Selector as well for images that already exist in course "Files"?