Print entire Semester Agenda (plus extra features)

Idea created by Leanna Chisholm on Jan 17, 2018
    • Rob Ditto

    I think it would benefit students to be able to print out the agenda list - with a few extras:

     - Smaller spaces between items.

    - Include the Course designation or title  (ENG 101 or Intro to English) in a key/legend that is color-coded to the agenda list items and the courses they come from.


    - Print out the entire agenda for the semester agenda, not just what is being viewed by the browser.

    - When an assignment deadline is changed/added, notify the user and offer to print it out again for them or download a copy to their device.

    - If  a professor changes many deadlines, maybe give them a small "Did you know?" that offers to download it instead  of re-printing it over and over to accommodate the shifting deadlines.

    - Add a few spots on the page to add notes, a box, some lines, places to add reminders.

             Things like : "Read chapter 4 in Biology!" , "Review Study Guide before Q1 exam!"



    The current agenda is alright (below), but it makes it hard for students to keep a paper copy list of the assignment turn-ins, or to generate their own. You can currently print it out  in color or black and white, without any of the key/legend information on which class each task belongs to. 


    This would be useful for students planning ahead which assignments to complete - to have a physical reminder of dates and deadlines in all courses they are taking currently.


    I like having the paper copy because it gives me something I always have for reference on what is due, when it's due, what I can focus on, prioritizing assignments and courses, using my time wisely. On top of the assignments, discussions, and quizzes, there is also textbooks that must be read. Perhaps the calendar could also be used by students to notate the general flow of their readings by week/month or add reminders to study a concept more in-depth.



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