Analytics for iOS Devices

Idea created by Mark Pohlman on Jan 20, 2018
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    Nearly 4 years ago our district made the switch from Moodle over to Canvas and we've been not only been thrilled with that decision, but we've gotten tremendous buy-in from teachers across our district who are using our new LMS on a daily basis. At about the same time that we made the decision to invest time, money and resources into a switch over to Canvas, our district (17,000 students and 1,400+ educators) embarked on a journey to implement a One2One environment with iPads (PK-12). As of this year we are fully immersed in our One2One initiative and students and teachers alike are using Canvas every day for teaching and learning. Our students live in a mobile device world in our district and having analytic reports that only show data from a Canvas web experience, not a Canvas APP experience, is not helpful to our teachers, students and our parents. People want (and need) to know how a student is progressing in their work via Canvas and at what rate their learning is taking place. Is improving the analytic reports so that they show and record taps and views of a Canvas experience through the mobile device APP on the roadmap for development? This would we SUPER helpful to a district our size that is living in a One2One learning environment using your LMS. 

    Thank you,
    Mark Pohlman

    Director of Instructional Technology

    Hilliard City Schools