Gradebook: Custom Grade Codes

Idea created by Barbara Reklis on Jan 22, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Please allow teachers to create custom grade codes in the gradebook.  This goes beyond the missing/late/excused flags currently in the new gradebook roll-out.  Teachers would like the ability to create a letter code for a precise percentage weight.  For example, a teacher could create a code "I" for incomplete and assign a certain percent of the assignment's value.  Some teachers wish to give alternate letter grades for assignments and have them worth certain percents: E (exemplary) = 95%, etc.  #Teachers need autonomy over their own gradebook and this would go a long way to achieving this.  Additionally, allowing teachers to enter letter codes enables the use of "set default grade", which is currently not available with the missing/late/excused flags in the new gradebook.