Late submission deduction off of earned points

Idea created by Claire O'Quin on Jan 22, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Scott Grabau
    • Sam Anderson
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Leslie Bach
    • Tim Van Norman
    • Carolyn Brown

    I just started using the late policies in the new gradebook (super pumped about this even being an option now). One thing that would be useful for me (and hopefully others) is being able to set the deduction to be off the earned points for the assignment instead of just the total points for the assignment. For example, I use the quizzes function to assign homework to my students. They can complete it up to a day late, but with a penalty of 20% the earned points. I just gave an assignment and each student who submitted their quizzes late were getting .65 points off (.65 is 20% of the 3.25 point assignment total) instead of 20% off whatever they actually earned. Having this setting as a option would be great.