Tailor release of quiz results

Idea created by Caryn Neiswender on Jan 23, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady

    As an instructor, I want to be able to customize the release of quiz results (i.e. prevent a single student or a small group of students from seeing correct/incorrect answers), so that I can cleanly give students additional time or additional attempts. 


    Here's the scenario:

    A student adds a course late, and they click to open a quiz because they realize there's a deadline that is coming up soon. After clicking Submit, they realize that they could have asked the instructor for an extension, because they didn't have a chance to work through the material. The instructor grants the extension. 


    However, other students have already taken the quiz and need to be able to see both what they submitted and the correct/incorrect answer. 


    The instructor now has to choose - do they make the whole class wait for the "late add" to see the full quiz feedback? 

    Or, do they release the full feedback, and let the student see the correct/incorrect answers before they technically have to submit the quiz? 


    Perhaps, instead of this situation, in the 'Moderate Quiz' interface, there can be a button that says "Don't let them see their submissions or the correct/incorrect/feedback until after their deadline. 


    We would also need this type of checkbox in the differentiated assignment deadline area as well.