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Idea created by Giselle Guillory on Jan 24, 2018
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    Please add an indicator on the assignment page that an assignment is a group assignment for students and teachers. 


    For teachers, they have to click on edit to see that it is a group assignment. For students, they have to wait until they submit and then they are warned that they are submitting for the group.


    We have had several confused students and teachers this week.  Several reports from students that they go to turn in the assignment and someone else has submitted in their name. They think their accounts have been hacked.  In some of these cases, I believe the instructors were unaware that the assignments were group assignments.


    I would suggest an indicator on the assignment page and on the submission details page.  It could be listed by or under Submitting that it's a group assignment. 

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    Then on the submission indicator maybe it could say "Turned in by group member!" or something similar.

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    And on the submission details page, it could say submitted by the group. Or even just Group Submission somewhere prominent.

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    Giselle Guillory

    Learning Systems Support

    University of South Florida