default to median score in rubric range

Idea created by Shoshana Brassfield on Jan 24, 2018
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    • Jim Whelan
    • Eric Essen
    • Shoshana Brassfield

     If, for instance, a B-level score on a criterion is 80 < 90 points, I want the default grade to be 85, in the middle of that range.  Currently when I select a rating in a rubric with ranges, it defaults to the highest possible score in that range.  First, I have to set up the range as 89.9 to >79.9 pts (because for some weird reason the rubric ratings use > instead of <), and then the automatic default when I choose that range will be 89.9, the score on the borderline with the next highest rating.  The default score in a range should not be the score on the borderline with the next category, it should be the score in the middle of the range.