Option for Users to Clear Queue for Gradebook Sync

Idea created by Mike McPhail on Jan 25, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Mike McPhail

    We have been experiencing some trouble with the grade sync to our SIS recently.  We have noticed that when we would submit a case that most of the time something got stuck in the queue whatever reason, the resolution was to clear whatever was in the queue and then re-sync the grades.  In order to clear the queue we need to submit a case for Canvas support to clear it for us but the problem with that is we have a lot of teacher sending a lot of grades over to our SIS gradebook so sync get stuck in the queue on a regular basis.  It isn't ideal for us to submit a case every time we need to clear the queue. 


    It would be awesome if there was a way that users could clear the queue directly from the "Monitoring & Reporting" page.  This would save teachers much time and alleviate frustrations when the grade sync is stubborn.