Report or Assess at Outcome Group Level

Idea created by christopher giles on Jan 25, 2018
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    1. We want to the ability to import a hierarchy of outcomes.  We are a standards based reporting district. We report on what we call “long-term standards” which are groups of individual standards.  
    2. We want the Canvas Learning Mastery gradebook to report on outcome groups based on supporting standards that roll-up given a specific calculation method.  


    Example:  5th grade Math Common Core Standards 5.OA.A.1, 5.OA.A.2, 5.OA.A.3 are the three supporting standards teachers will want to assess on but they all roll-up to the domain Operations and Algebraic Thinking


    Include a variety of calculation methods to choose from at the root account level.  Teachers would assess substandards that would roll-up to an overall mastery level for the power standard/domain.


    Ultimately, we want to provide students with scores on both learning targets and power standards - something Canvas currently doesn’t do.




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