Bulk Download of TURNITIN Assignments, Error

Idea created by Rolfe Petschek on Jan 29, 2018
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    • Irshaad Alha
    • aolsonpacheco@vcccd.edu
    • Kori Schneider
    • Rolfe Petschek
    • Pablo Mora

    Presently if you grade a Turnitin assignment within Canvas, it is not possible to do a bulk download of the graded assignments.  This is useful, among other things, for documenting the course for yourself or for accreditation agencies such as ABET.  Worse, what happens is that a screen "this may take a while" appears but nothing ever happens.  Until all bulk downloads are possible, rather than "hanging" Canvas should return and informative error message such as "Sorry, for turnitin assignments, it is only possible to do bulk downloads of the original assignment as submitted."  And, bulk downloads of this kind should be enabled.