Live Teacher to Student Comments and Editing

Idea created by Denise Pruden on Jan 26, 2018
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    • Denise Pruden
    • Amanda  Muller
    • S Egan
    • Heather Michel
    • Karen Capen
    • Amanda Ward

    When I used Google classroom, I was able to electronically view my students work as they were working on it.  I was also able to add comments on student's work while they were working.  This live ability created an electronic atmosphere where students were learning as they were working.  In Canvas, teachers are not able to see student work until they submit the finished project.  This eliminates electronically working one-on-one with students.  Having the ability to see student work in progress and comment to students while they are actually working, provides for a more real classroom experience where students are actively engaged with the teacher as they work and not just turning in work that may not receive feedback until it is officially graded, which may be after the class has moved on to another skill.