Kanban for Students

Idea created by Randy York on Jan 28, 2018
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    Most software companies are using agile and Kanban boards to manage projects, I do and I want to use a Kanban board to manage my tasks and assignments in my upcoming graduate adventure at Brown.


    I'm starting the EMSTL program at Brown in March, however, I have just been given a hefty amount of pre-Work to accomplish prior to the program officially starting. One statement from a teacher reads roughly, "Here is your prework, manage your time wisely."  My first thought was, I manage my projects at work using a Jira Kanban that would be perfect.  I'll just make a backlog of all the prework and run sprints to complete all the work. So I started looking online for a good option to make a small personal Kanban. 


    Then I thought it would be very handy to have such a Kanban in the Canvas SW itself. The TODO list is good, the calendar is good and I'm very impressed how much more advanced and user-friendly online Canvas has made online learning. 


    I can image the feature list to roughly include:

    Student can Create All standard Agile Components

    • Stories and subtasks
      • That are linked to instructor assignments
      • That are personal, customizable and NOT linked to instructor assignments. 
      • When an Instructor creates an assignment it automatically gets added to your backlog.
    • Epics
    • Create a backlog
    • Due Dates and Progress Views.
    • Create Sprints


    I could also imagine a simple Kanban for group assignments. This does not have to be a full-featured Agile tool, I think that if its well-thought-out light version could be beneficial.