Units in formula questions

Idea created by KATHLEEN ZIMMERMANN on Jan 29, 2018
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    Something that has frustrated me for a long time is that I can't input a formula question, expecting a numerical answer, and have students also required to enter the correct unit. In science, the number without its unit is meaningless.


    This feature is already deployed in at least one other LMS.


    Example: A car with a weight of [w] N travels at a speed of [v] m/s. What is the mass of the car?

    Students should be able to answer into two boxes, the first with the value (w/9.8) and the second with the correct unit of kg.


    Right now, the only option is to not randomize the variables which results in a weaker quiz with no re-take value OR to only have students enter the number. This makes Canvas quizzes very ineffective for testing in science and I would really like to do more digital testing this way!