Allow code tag formatting in rich text editor

Idea created by Jonatan Schroeder on Jan 30, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Stephanie Clark
    • Matthew Jennings
    • David Loti
    • Rob Ditto
    • David Eveland
    • Saulo da Mata
    • Seth Berrier
    • Jonatan Schroeder
    • Jeff Hay

    Is it possible to include a simple way (button, keyboard shortcut, something equivalent) to include the ability to encapsulate a text region with the code tag for formatting? Right now I can change a text to bold, italics, underline, set the color and some other features, but in programming assignments I use the "code" tag a lot, but that requires me to use the HTML editor every time I want to use it.


    This is not the preformatted paragraph tag, since that is for full paragraphs. I need the code tag to be able to set only a keyword or expression to monospace formatting. For example, one paragraph from one of my assignments:


    Once you get your repository you should go into the top level directory and type <code>make</code> and then run the <code>disassemble</code> program.


    These tags can only be added using the HTML editor. I'd like to have them too in the rich text editor.