Assignment Deletion: Add Warning When Submissions Present

Idea created by Trevor Crandall on Jan 30, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I would like to propose a new/additional dialogue warning during Assignment deletion that appears if student submissions are present.



    When you use the Assignments page in a course to delete an assignment, you will receive this prompt: Are you sure you want to delete this assignment? Clicking OK will remove this assignment from your course.  The tool does not consider if student submissions or grades are present.  You can use the Undeleting things in Canvas method to restore the assignment, but this only works if the mistake is caught in time, as the undelete queue only holds a certain number of items.  This recently happened at my school and we had to recover data from our Canvas Test instance and manually re-enter student scores and instructor feedback.


    Supporting Evidence

    1. Canvas is smart enough to recognize when an Assignment or Quiz has student submissions and it will prevent you from Unpublishing that activity with the following prompt: Can't unpublish [assignment name] if there are student submissions. If this protection is in place for publishing, it could also be a useful warning/reminder during deletion.
    2. A quick search of community topics returns a substantial number of questions regarding restoring Assignments with student grades or submission, most of which are answered with the Undeleting things in Canvas blog post.  This is a useful tip, but potentially avoidable with new messaging.
    3. Another community member recently submitted an Idea to prevent Assignments from being deleted via the Calendar.  A warning that student grades or submissions were present may have avoided this issue.



    New messaging to warn users that either student grades or student submissions are present when attempting to delete an Assignment within a course.