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    QuestionNumberingInLearningStudio.jpgWhen editing a quiz with many questions (25+ questions), we cannot see the question numbers.  They do appear, however, when previewing the quiz.  When editing questions, this makes it very difficult to search for a question.  We would have to search for the text using Ctrl+F to find the question we are looking to edit.  The work-around to manually type in the question number in the title field of the question is not great.  What if you have to add a question in the middle later on?  Then you have to manually re-number all of your questions.


    The Technical College where I work recently moved from Pearson eCollege's LearningStudio platform to Canvas.  In LearningStudio, the question numbers are visible in editing mode.  The screen shot I've included shows where question numbers are displayed.  When I click on a "+" sign next to any question, I have the ability to edit it.


    Please add question numbers to quizzes when in the Edit mode.  If it matters, this idea had 53 votes in the old Community forum since 11/8/2012.  Thank you for considering.


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