Differentiate Assignment Icon for Group Assignments (resubmission)

Idea created by Linda J. Lee on Jan 31, 2018
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    This is a resubmission of Icon for Group Assignments (resubmission) , which is a resubmission of Icon for group assignments on Assignments page.


    We would like to see some kind of identifier indicating when an assignment is a group assignment rather than an individual assignment, ideally on the assignments index page, the syllabus page, and in modules. Currently, the only way to tell whether an assignment is a group assignment is by opening it up and looking at the settings.


    This visual differentiation would be beneficial to students by making it clear when an assignment should be completed by a group or by an individual.


    And it would be extremely helpful to teaching team members, course designers, support staff, and admins by making it clear which assignments are group assignments and which are not.


    This is particularly urgent both for when courses are copied from one semester to the next and when using Blueprint courses (Canvas Release: Blueprint Courses), it is necessary to create new groups and update the selected group sets for group assignments. For courses with a large number of assignments, it can be difficulty to locate and update them all. Some kind of visual differentiation would be a great help!


    Also, because the group creation wizard is available only when a group set is first created (see Enable Group Setup Wizard for Existing Group Sets (resubmission)), it is sometimes necessary to delete and recreate a group set. (Deleted an assignment-associated group set without updating the assignment to work with a new group set breaks the assignment -- see Warn before deleting an assignment-associated group set (resubmission).) A visual indicator of which assignments are group assignments would make it much easier to tell which assignments need to be updated.


    This may fit in with the Analytics 2 goal "Rebuild existing course dashboards to give the right information at the right time to improve teaching and learning."