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Idea created by Cathy Robak on Apr 2, 2015
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    Master question banks should link back to quizzes within courses so that professors/instructors do not have to go their question bank, delete the question, and go back to the master question bank and re-add it.  The master question bank with all the questions should be connected to quizzes.


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    August 5 update from Jason Sparks

    Hello Colleagues,


    We absolutely agree there is a lot of work needed around item banks and how questions are handled between quizzes and the bank, including updating and versioning.  This is not something we will be able to actively explore in the next six months; however, the request is not un-heard. As we being to explore significant updates to the quizzes engine as a whole, we will look at this as a feature enhancement.


    More to come!



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    We will be archiving this idea.  Please follow and bookmark it to receive updates when they are available.