Change the word "Quiz" to something else or make it editable

Idea created by Beth May on Feb 1, 2018

    I like to use the quizzes function in my online classes, because it's a great way to set certain things up, but the things I'm setting up aren't actual quizzes.  They are assignments where I ask students to read their textbook and reflect on things they read; in essence, they are a way of guiding my students through their readings.  I do include some multiple choice questions along with the short answer questions where I ask for more thoughtfulness.  


    The issue is that calling them "quizzes" seems to set up particular expectations in students - namely, that they will be really quick multiple choice quizzes that will probably allow them to take them again after they've read the answers, and that they will cover superficial information in a superficial manner.  This is, no doubt, due to the way many instructors use the quiz function, but over time, the word "quiz" has definitely come to mean something specific to my students.


    I don't call the assignments themselves "quizzes", but Canvas still labels them as "quizzes", and the students can see that.  Wouldn't it be nice to either get rid of the word "quiz" or make it editable?