Multiple recordings per Conference

Idea created by Clea Mahoney on Feb 5, 2018
    • Elizabeth Cohen

    Community, forgive me if I'm misremembering, but I recall that we used to have the ability to create several recordings per (BigBlueButton) Conference. Now, all recording sessions are combined into one long recording.



    • I encourage students and teachers at our school to create a "long-running" Conference so they do not need to create new Conferences every time they want to meet. 
    • A common assignment in online courses requires students to record themselves giving a group presentation in Conferences. In one case, students rehearsed their presentation - stopping and starting the recording to indicate new "sessions." This means their final session was placed at the end of all of their previous practice rounds and creates a less than ideal viewing experience.
    • Another likely scenario: instructors use a long-running Conference for recording lectures or tutorials - they would want a separate recording for each deliverable.


    So, I would essentially like the ability to create multiple recordings per unique Conference, or encourage BigBlueButton to develop a video-editing feature - but I'm thinking the former is much more easy to implement.


    Thanks for your votes!