Image File Name in HTML Editor

Idea created by Jared Rumsey on Feb 5, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I suggest creating an additional column in the Files page of a Canvas course next to the name column, which contains the unique ID that canvas assigns to files. This column would be sortable like the rest of the columns.


    I am working on a basic geology course for university students, which has a lot of images throughout the course. My  institution currently has its own server to house all of our files related to a particular course, and when we were using traditional HTML to create our courses, it was relatively easy to track the source of an image based on its "src" attribute. For example: src="../Media/Images/AppendixA/A-1.jpg". Housing the files in Canvas is great, but Canvas assigns its own unique ID to each image that is different than the original name of the file. For example: src="". From the files page in Canvas, Canvas user sees the original name of the image file, and only by hovering over the link and looking in the bottom corner of the browser can the user see the ID number Canvas has assigned. This means that if a user has a need to know which image is being called, the search process is very arduous. It would be easily resolved by adding the extra column to the Files page with the unique ID that Canvas assigns to files when they are embedded into a page.