Viewing and Downloading Video Submissions

Idea created by Jeffrey Schonfeld on Feb 6, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I am a Broadcast Journalism teacher.  My students regularly create and submit videos through Canvas.  Unfortunately, the current functionality for video submissions does not meet my needs.


    There are currently two formats in Canvas for collecting video submissions:

    1. File Upload
      • Students upload their video files
      • Teachers must then download and save the file to view
        • Pro:  video can be saved and viewed in other formats
        • Con:  very time consuming and requires too much storage space to be practical
    2. Media Recording
      • Students attach their video files
      • Teachers must view the video within the Canvas program
        • Pro:  very efficient for viewing and grading
        • Con:  video may NOT be downloaded at all or shown in other formats (for example: to create a portfolio, upload to editing programs, save to a flash drive, etc.)


    I propose combining the best elements of each:

    • Allow teachers to VIEW the video file within Canvas for ease of grading
    • Allow teachers to DOWNLOAD the video so it can be used for additional projects and presentations


    This feature is already available in GoogleClassroom, and would be a highly valuable addition to Canvas's functionality.