Let instructor turn off automatic email notifications to students whenever Appointment Groups are edited

Idea created by fhollerweger@colum.edu on Feb 7, 2018
    Zac F

    Hi F! How can I help you today?

    1:20:56 PM

    Hi, I am learning how to set up appointment groups to allow my students sign up for office hours via Canvas, and my question relates to that process.

    1:21:21 PM

    Specifically, it seems that my students receive an email every time I create or edit an Appointment Group, and since I just set up all my office hour time slots for the entire semester, they got flooded by emails from me without me knowing it.

    1:22:05 PM

    How can I turn those email notifications off>

    1:22:16 PM


    1:22:17 PM
    Zac F

    So currently there is not a feature to turn these notification off as the instructor. The notifications are a per account settings, so the students would need to go into their notification settings and adjust the calendar settings to not receive emails when adjustments are made to the calendar.

    1:25:51 PM

    Ouch, that hurt

    1:26:07 PM

    Can I please turn this into a feature request? I don't find it ideal to put the responsibility on the students here to turn this off. This means that 50 people have to change a setting that ideally one person should be able to adjust.

    1:27:12 PM
    Zac F

    Of course, the page below is where you can submit a feature request for this feature.

    1:28:27 PM