HTML Editor for Global Announcements Posted to the Dashboard

Idea created by Champion on Apr 2, 2015
    Open for Voting
    From time to time, we use the Administrative Pages of Canvas to create global announcements (via Settings >> Announcements tab) that get posted to the Dashboard.  Our announcements could include things like links to Canvas Guides, other websites, and/or videos (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).  It would be nice if we had access to edit HTML in these announcements.  However, after chatting with Canvas technical support (Ticket #1455096), one of the main reasons for not having the HTML editor is:


    "It looks like the HTML mode is intentionally missing from the Global Announcements tab due to administrators using them in such a way that it causes problems in their settings tabs of their accounts. The guides in fact show the Global Announcements without HTML editor mode." (Jesse Poulos -- Canvas Tech Support)


    Our use case: When creating a Global Announcement that has a link to an Instructure domain (like the Canvas Guides), those links open up in the same tab/window...essentially taking you out of the Canvas interface.  Links created in Global Announcements that go to other sites like Google, Yahoo, CNN, etc. open up in a new tab/window automatically.  As a work-around, for those links with Instructure domains, I've had to use a URL shortening service (ex: to make a short URL for my links so I can "trick" Canvas into thinking it's not an Instructure domain.  This is an extra step that could be eliminated by having all links (no matter what their domain) open in a new tab/window.  Or, at least could we have the option to choose whether or not we want any link to open in a new tab/window or not?