Notifications when new content or assignments become available.

Idea created by Shoshana Brassfield on Feb 8, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Andrew Taylor
    • Shoshana Brassfield
    • Laurence Kennedy
    • Johan Grobler

    I would like students to be able to receive automatic notifications when a new assignment becomes available, just like they get notifications when a new assignment is created.  Currently, students receive notifications when I create a new assignment and when I change the due date on an assignment, but not when a previously created assignment becomes available.  I want to publish and set due dates for assignments in advance of their availability date so that students can see what is coming up in the Course Summary, and so that I don't have to remember to publish them later.  But my students need a reminder or notification that there is new assignment available that they need to do.   I can manually send a notice to all students who haven't completed the assignment, but that requires me to remember to send the reminder every time.  It seems like new content becoming availability is the sort of thing that should receive an automatic notification.