Class meeting dates in Attendance

Idea created by Anton Hesse on Feb 9, 2018
    • Rob Ditto
    • Anton Hesse

    The subject of this idea is to filter meeting dates in Canvas attendance so can only enter attendance on days when your class meets. Here is the background. I teach physical education classes that meet twice a week. Based on our class meeting location, it's impractical to bring a computer to take attendance. As such, I often will take attendance on paper and enter it into canvas later. Some days this means entering it a day or two after. I noticed that I've accidentally entered attendance for days we don't meet for class because the default in Canvas is to load the current date, not necessarily the most recent class date. Also, if you have multiple sections of the same class that meet on the same date and you switch between one section to another, Canvas reloads to the current date instead of staying on the day you were entering. This has caused me to enter attendance for one section on the correct date and then enter attendance for the other sections on the wrong date.



    Here is an example of of what this could look like:


    Days of the week where class meets (check all that apply): M T W Th F Sa Su

    Then, as you click on the arrows to change the date in Roll Call Attendance, it would skip over days you didn't check.

    For example, if you only checked M, W, F, clicking the arrows would skip over T, Th, Sa, and Su.