Move location of "Hide Totals in Student Grades Summary" to Total Column in gradebook

Idea created by Lindsey Van Gieson on Feb 13, 2018
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    • Portia Richmond
    • Linnea Thompson
    • Christopher Casey
    • Lindsey Van Gieson
    • Beth Nettles
    • Kristin Lundstrum

    A common task that faculty ask for is the ability to hide totals from students.  They ask this for a variety of reasons; mostly because they are using more advanced calculations outside of Canvas and they want to reveal grades later in the semester, or never reveal grades at all and emphasize that learning is the real treasure, not the grades.    They're totally blown away when I tell them that YES this is possible, and it's located in one of the more obscure places in Canvas.  Despite our best efforts of communicating this, the "More Options" area under Settings seems to be one of the more difficult things for faculty to retain. Maybe because they tend to look at this area once at the beginning of the term and don't need to return to this area often enough- but that's a story for another day.  I feel like this grade related setting makes more sense to be accessed from the Gradebook area.


    I propose to move the "Hide Totals in Student Grades Summary" to the existing drop down menu on the Total column in Gradebook.  It could look something like the below mockup image:



    I didn't see anything on radar specifically targeting this, though I did see some modifications to the total column, so maybe this is already in the works- and feel free to archive if so.