Hide Assignments in the Individual Gradebook that are ungraded

Idea created by Collin Gibbs on Feb 13, 2018
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    I have my Canvas modules set-up for students to complete items that are both graded and ungraded.  In the assignments tab, you can set-up assignments "not to count towards final grade".  


    On the GRADES tab on Canvas, students will get a complete view of the gradebook that includes any item that requires a submission...whether or not it was graded.  


    You can "Mute" assignments, but if you do a student still sees that they submitted the work in their individual gradebook...they just don't see the grade.  This is not a feature I'm interested in because I only want to mute items that don't already count towards the grade.


    I suggest that there is a feature on the Gradebook that allows instructors to only show assignments, quizzes or grades that count towards their overall score for the class (regardless if their is a submission).